Overuse of Neck and Shoulders

Beware of overusing your neck and shoulders on your dominant side in activities such as:

  1. Using your cell phone
  2. Blow drying your hair
  3. Cooking
  4. Brushing your teeth
  5. Ironing
  6. Lifting a kettle or milk out of the fridge
  7. Pulling laundry out of the washer or drier
  8. Lifting items out of the passenger side of the vehicle (instead get out and go to the passenger side of the vehicle to remove them).

Good Computer Posture Tips – Raising the Bar and Freeing the Spine, by Sandrin Leung Design

ergonomic office day-sandra leung

A day in the Sandrin Leung Design Office


poor computer posture-in praise of good posture

In Praise of Good Posture, Rosalind Ferry



ergonomic office standing-sandra leung

Ergo Office – Standing Position



ergonomic office sitting-sandra leung

Ergo Office – Sitting Position