Principles of Good Posture

principles of good posture - children


Young Children naturally bend through their hips, knees and ankles. Their heads remain balanced as they learn to stand, squat, walk and run. This way of balanced movement is what we need to recapture.

principles of good posture - different postures


All of us are born with a particular genetic bone structure, which may not be ideal. We can, however, maximize our musculo-skeletal potential with understanding, training and application.



    1. Pause.
    2. Neck lengthened and released upwards, face vertical, softened eyes, jaw relaxed.
    3. Shoulders relaxed downwards and outwards.
    4. Spine lengthened and released downwards into your sit bones and feet.
    5. Allow space in your abdomen and lower ribcage from the front to the back, to help with breathing, using your diaphragm.
    6. Be conscious of your movement and aware of any poor positions.
    7. Be aware of your surroundings.